Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm 33, 5'6", 230lbs, and I think it's time to get healthy

I never had an issue with the extra weight before. In fact, I still don't, but I am 33 and getting to the age when my family's medical history is starting to go against me.

I do not think there is anything wrong with being overweight, in fact, I ALWAYS loved my body. I don't like stick figured women, and if you have a five inch gap between your thighs, you should go eat a chili cheeseburger. There is such a thing as being too skinny, however, I don't judge because I have many friends who are notoriously underweight due to an illness called Crohn's disease. It's a horrid thing to have.

I, however, would like people to know what rolls are my boobs and which ones are just fat. My husband tends to grab the wrongs ones. You can laugh because it's not only true, but funny as hell. I'll be here all week folks. At night I often have to move his hand up, you would think after 7 years of being together he would know what my boobs felt like right?

Actually, I think he just likes grabbing my fat... he's weird. But I love him, so he's forgiven, and often. ;) You know you have a keeper of a husband when he doesn't ask you to lose weight, or comments on the fact that in 7 years you went from a svelte 165lbs to a plump 230-250lbs (varies between those two numbers). Right now I am at 230lbs.

I lost 20lbs in 3 months by cutting back on my soda intake. I used to drink 4-5 sodas a day and 1-2 energy drinks (dependant on whether or not I was working late hours) but now I drink 1-2 sodas a week. I still have an energy drink on occasion too, depends on how early I get up on the days I have to work until midnight.

So to the new program I am  going to start tomorrow. It's called Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson. It's like P90X, but geared at women who want lose weight not gain a bunch of unwanted muscles. In fact I am hoping to slim my arms down so I can go sleeveless without showing that I not only have chicken wings, but my chicken wings have chicken wings that have chicken wings.

I am NOT going to follow her diet program solely because my doctor and Tracy's own followers have said it causes blackouts. My doctor advised me to just get myself on a regular eating schedule, since I only eat when I remember too, or when my husband asks, "when was the last time you ate?" and I can't remember.

So what you're going to get from me on this blog is my complaints on how her routine is kicking my ass, how hungry I am, what I've eaten for the day and once a week picture updates to see if her method can work without out the diet plan. I promise to do the exercises religiously, but to follow her diet would be going AMA (Against Medical Advice). My doctor has okay'd the workout. Stay tuned for the daily updates!